Our Story.

Let’s Go Back To The Start.

My granny Blanchfield used to drive her van to Dublin Fruit & Veg market twice a week to get the fruit, veg and fish for her grocery shop in Athy.  Her children (15 of them) remember wrapping local farmers eggs in Newspaper so that she could bring them to Dublin for her orders.

The Gather & Feast

My father met my mother in this shop when he was walking the cattle to the Mart.  Blanch as my father call used to her, moved to the country, raised a large family on a farm with cattle, sheep(who broke out a lot), dogs & ducks and lots of vegetables which we sold from the gate.

& Lastly Great Food

Our father bought us to the Mart when he was selling animals and usually went to the pub on the way home (in the good old days) and I suppose that where I got the love for pubs and the characters in them.

Lots of times we had tea in the fields with whoever was helping out at the time more often than not neighbours or a few hapless friends of my brothers. The pay wasn’t great but the food was.